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Study hardware and software platforms for DCS

1. Which one of the following defines Distributed Control System?
a) Control system which is physically distributed
b) Control system which is functionally distributed
c) Control system which is functionally as well as physically distributed

2) On which level does Plant Supervisory Control stand in architecture of DCS?
a) Level 4
b) Level 0
c) Level 2

3) Which card is used for sensing input from RTD / Thermocouple?
a) Digital Input card
b) Analog Input card
c) Analog Output card

4) Centum CS3000 is a product of
a) Yokogawa
b) Honeywell
c) ABB

5) DCS is used in which type of logic control?
a) Regulatory/Analog loop control
b) High speed logic control
c) Both a and b